Social media unit 3

I have been using Twitter for some time now as a place to learn about new ideas, opinions and resources.  I like using it as my professional place where I can connect with teachers and librarians across the world.  It has been where I’ve first learnt about new titles in children’s literature as well as ideas for using iPads and other ICT in the library and the classroom.

I have, until now, kept my Facebook page to connect with friends and family.  I have ‘liked’ some of the suggested pages and will try them out but I think I may well revert to keeping personal and professional contacts separate in this way.

I’m not clear or confident about the idea of using Facebook or Twitter with students (at present all social media is blocked at our school) but am committed to using them to broaden my own understandings.  I will encourage other staff at my school to do similarly.

My next challenge is to become more than a consumer and start to create my own contributions to Twitter.  I’m not sure what format that might be yet but possibly on ways that I use picture books in teaching.  I would like to write about them in this blog first and then post links to them in Twitter.

BTW my Twitter handle is @soozeoh.


Unit 2 workflow

I have completed unit two which included several revisits including Evernote, Diigo and Pocket from the last time I undertook this course.  I have used Diigo in the past but in a rather ad hoc manner.  I only follow up posts that have taken my fancy when they are emailed to me.  I use Pocket a lot to read longer articles that I come across during the day.  I then read them later, at home, on my iPad, which I find much easier and more comfortable.  I am determined to use Diigo much as I have been using my web browser bookmarks.  I can see the purpose of using Evernote to keep all the many and varied points of interest that I come across on the internet.

I want to introduce Evernote to students and will trial it with year six first.  I can see that it will help them keep track of the sites they find while they are researching.

I would like to introduce Diigo to the staff at my school as a place to share resources about Professional Learning Projects.

Internet technologies do mean that we have access to so much more information and from so many different sources including, most excitingly, from other teachers that we would otherwise never contact.  However, there is the danger of finding lots but doing nothing with it!  There is a point at which I have to say to myself  ‘don’t look at anything new, just use what you already have’.



Unit 2 how do I organise my work?

Well, at present, not very well – I still use the bookmark feature of Internet Explorer to keep track of websites.  I use Read it Later to read longer articles and websites on my iPad which is easier for me than reading on the laptop.  I come across a lot of information through Twitter and I star the ones I like but can only find them on the iPad.  So I am using some aspects of what is available but I’m hoping that I will learn bettter and more efficient ways of keeping track of my work.

Susan in Traralgon

Hi, I am a Teacher/Librarian at a school with students from 3 year-old kinder to year 10 and the one library (and one teacher/librarian) meets the needs of all staff and students.  The school is in Gippsland in country Victoria.

I have used some web 2.0 tools for myself but I haven’t used them in teaching yet.

I network with other staff at the school about teaching and reading.  I discuss many issues with the Library Technician at our school.  We have a fledgling SLAV branch in Traralgon and there is a small opportunity for sharing ideas and I have recently started attending meetings of the West Gippsland branch.  I get information from SLAV publications, Bright Ideas and following members of SLAV on Twitter.

This is the second time I have tried this course.  I was overwhelmed last time and stopped about half way.  I want to become familiar with Web 2.0 and the ways to use the many available tools to improve my teaching and my personal learning.  I need to be selective about what I follow and how much I try to accomplish.  My the end of the term I want to complete the course.  By the end of the year I want to be able to effectively use Web 2.0 as a tool not a gadget.