Unit 2 how do I organise my work?

Well, at present, not very well – I still use the bookmark feature of Internet Explorer to keep track of websites.  I use Read it Later to read longer articles and websites on my iPad which is easier for me than reading on the laptop.  I come across a lot of information through Twitter and I star the ones I like but can only find them on the iPad.  So I am using some aspects of what is available but I’m hoping that I will learn bettter and more efficient ways of keeping track of my work.


3 thoughts on “Unit 2 how do I organise my work?

  1. It’s a good start, and you’re a way ahead of a lot of people. DO you see a place for Evernote in your routine? I have to confess to being a big fan of cross-platform apps that will sync with whatever I happen to be using.

    • I think there will be a place for Evernote but I’m still finding out about all the possibilities. Once I become more familiar with what Evernote can do and how to do it I will gain more benefits from it.

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