Social media unit 3

I have been using Twitter for some time now as a place to learn about new ideas, opinions and resources.  I like using it as my professional place where I can connect with teachers and librarians across the world.  It has been where I’ve first learnt about new titles in children’s literature as well as ideas for using iPads and other ICT in the library and the classroom.

I have, until now, kept my Facebook page to connect with friends and family.  I have ‘liked’ some of the suggested pages and will try them out but I think I may well revert to keeping personal and professional contacts separate in this way.

I’m not clear or confident about the idea of using Facebook or Twitter with students (at present all social media is blocked at our school) but am committed to using them to broaden my own understandings.  I will encourage other staff at my school to do similarly.

My next challenge is to become more than a consumer and start to create my own contributions to Twitter.  I’m not sure what format that might be yet but possibly on ways that I use picture books in teaching.  I would like to write about them in this blog first and then post links to them in Twitter.

BTW my Twitter handle is @soozeoh.


2 thoughts on “Social media unit 3

  1. You mention all social media is blocked at your school. It’s a pretty common policy, but do you think it’s necessarily an appropriate one?

    Great to hear you’ll be engaging with your colleagues on the use of these tools as well. It’s really important to be an “evangelist” for these things if you believe in them. Many teachers see them as a time sink, or even a danger, rather than a tool.

    Heath, for the PLN team

    • Hi Heath, I think it is more a fear of the unknown and Facebook has such a bad name in the media. New tools can be time consuming when you are setting them and I am sympathetic to that concern. But, as I am finding out they then save time once they are established.

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