Unit 2 workflow

I have completed unit two which included several revisits including Evernote, Diigo and Pocket from the last time I undertook this course.  I have used Diigo in the past but in a rather ad hoc manner.  I only follow up posts that have taken my fancy when they are emailed to me.  I use Pocket a lot to read longer articles that I come across during the day.  I then read them later, at home, on my iPad, which I find much easier and more comfortable.  I am determined to use Diigo much as I have been using my web browser bookmarks.  I can see the purpose of using Evernote to keep all the many and varied points of interest that I come across on the internet.

I want to introduce Evernote to students and will trial it with year six first.  I can see that it will help them keep track of the sites they find while they are researching.

I would like to introduce Diigo to the staff at my school as a place to share resources about Professional Learning Projects.

Internet technologies do mean that we have access to so much more information and from so many different sources including, most excitingly, from other teachers that we would otherwise never contact.  However, there is the danger of finding lots but doing nothing with it!  There is a point at which I have to say to myself  ‘don’t look at anything new, just use what you already have’.




One thought on “Unit 2 workflow

  1. Fantastic! Let us know how you go with introducing these tools to both your students and your fellow teachers.

    Heath, for the PLN team

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